EMN presents updated Glossary

2021 06 15

Since 2010, Asylum and Migration Glossary, published by the European Migration Network (EMN), has been a valuable resource for practitioners, policymakers, and researchers in the field of migration and asylum. To this end, EMN presents the latest version of Glossary containing approximately 500 terms, translated into over 20 languages.

The newest EMN Glossary is developed in collaboration with the European Union’s institutions and international organizations. Each definition in the EMN Glossary has been formulated according to the Interactive Terminology for Europe standard to ensure comparability and a common understanding of terms and concepts. All of this is done in order to make communications easier for policymakers, legislators, practitioners, media and people interested in the topic of migration. 

EMN Glossary is based on a clear methodology and reliable sources. Definitions are derived from the EU acquis, but other relevant sources, such as European/international conventions or terminology by other EU international bodies, are also used. Translations take into account different national synonyms, indicating variations in EU context or national usage. Term relations, namely broader terms, narrower terms and related terms, are also taken into account. Finally, the new updated version is user-friendly. For this reason, the EMN Glossary is available as an interactive online version, as a free mobile application, and as a printed edition.

More specifically, the EMN Glossary app allows for convenient access to the terms translated into over 20 languages. Definitions can be browsed in English, Finnish, German, Greek, Italian and Latvian. The app also provides an alphabetical search, browse functions for the terms and visual navigation highlighting relationships between terms.

EMN Glossary mobile app is available for Android and iOS users.

After testing the updated Glossary, users are encouraged to fill in a feedback form that will allow EMN to ensure the quality of its services.