New EMN study on long-term irregularly staying migrants

2021 09 06

The new European Migration Network (EMN) study explores 25 EU Member States' and Norway's policies regarding third-country nationals in a prolonged situation of irregular stay. Conducted research covers cases where a migrant no longer or has never fulfilled conditions to stay, has been denied a residence permit or whose return decision authorities cannot enforce.

As it is known, the main service providers for long-term irregular migrants are national authorities and municipalities, while non-governmental organisations provide complementary and/or autonomous services. However, the EMN study highlighted that sometimes, at the national level, policies are contradictory. For instance, central authorities try to fulfil national migration policy objectives by preventing illegal stay and enforcing return decisions, whereas local authorities seek to provide irregularly staying migrants with access to basic services and rights.

In addition, the study identified that to end irregular stay in general, (voluntary) return is prioritised in the EU. Research also assessed the impact COVID-19 had on third-country nationals who cannot be returned or who remain undetected by the authorities.

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