EMN Lithuania discussed the application of the Temporary Protection Directive at a conference in Sweden

2023 04 21

In response to the war in Ukraine, the EU activated the Temporary Protection Directive, which allowed Ukrainians to reside in Europe. What are the challenges facing EU Member States after receiving asylum seekers from Ukraine? How European countries can better prepare for the integration of Ukrainians? Experts on migration policy, including Vytautas Ežerskis, an EMN Lithuania’s National Research and Legal Officer, gathered to discuss these issues in Sweden.

In the event, V. Ežerskis shared Lithuania’s experiences implementing the Temporary Protection Directive. During his presentation, participants learned about the challenges Lithuania faced in assisting Ukrainians. The topics of accommodation, registration, education, and employment of Ukrainian nationals were identified as the most challenging areas. V. Ežerskis believes that these areas will continue to be important in 2023 and will demand the active involvement of the authorities to successfully integrate Ukrainian refugees into Lithuanian society.