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Ad-hoc Query Summary Date
AHQ on situation and profile of unaccompanied minors from Afganistan Part I 2021-03-18
AHQ on situation and profile of unaccompanied minors from Afganistan Part II 2021-03-18
AHQ on unaccompanied minors - age assessment methods used by Member States 2021-02-18
AHQ on visitors in detention centers 2021-02-10
AHQ on medical claims and expulsion 2021-02-09
AHQ on intention to study for international students 2021-02-03
AHQ on visa requirements in extradition procedures 2021-01-26
AHQ on best interests of the child - unaccompanied minors in international protection proceedings 2021-01-18
AHQ on Syrian identity documents and naturalization 2021-01-15
AHQ on international students - update 2021-01-13
AHQ on Article 15 of the Directive (EU) 2016/801 - voluntary service scheme or trainees 2021-01-07
AHQ on umbrella Inform - Covid-19 and Return - Part 2 (REG Practitioners and NCPs) 2020-12-21
AHQ on implementation of Regulation 2018/1240 (ETIAS) 2020-12-20
AHQ on Member States' interpretation of Afghan nationality law regarding passing citizenship from parent to child 2020-12-16
AHQ on residence permits, borders and working conditions - Gaps in information 2020-12-11
AHQ on residence permit and labour market needs 2020-12-11
AHQ on update remittances 2020-12-11
AHQ on integration measures regarding language courses - Part 1 2020-12-01
AHQ on measures regarding civic integration- Part 2 2020-12-01
AHQ on imposing an entry ban on minors 2020-11-27