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Ad-hoc Query Summary Date
EC SOLID Funds and Evaluation 2014-03-21
Control of Foreign Nationals 2014-03-21
The application of article 19bis of Directive 2003/109/EC 2014-03-21
Applicable fees for residence permits 2014-03-20
Fees for issuance of residence permits to third-country nationals 2014-03-18
Definition and application of “acceptable progress” during the studies of third-country national students 2014-03-13
Returns of rejected asylum seekers to Iran 2014-03-12
Issues Related to Care Orders 2014-02-21
Voluntary return policy 2014-02-20
Fingerprint biometry and facial image in identity documents 2014-02-19
Policies for family members of beneficiaries of international protection 2014-02-12
Sovereignty Clause in Dublin procedure 2014-02-11
Asylum decisions and residence permits for applicants from Syria and stateless persons 2014-02-06
Ethical recruitment of third country health workers 2014-01-31
Registration certificate 2014-01-29
Control mechanism on voluntary departures of TCN, counting of the time period of entry bans 2014-01-27
Female Genital Mutilation (update) 2014-01-23
Implementation of the Dublin regulation 2014-01-21
Council Directive 2009/50/EC of 25 May 2009 on the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purposes of highly qualified employment (“EU Blue Card Directive”) 2014-01-21
Sanctions on illegal working 2014-01-20