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Ad-hoc Query Summary Date
AHQ on the automatism of the renewal of EU long-term residence permit (LRT) 2022-03-03
AHQ on using new technologies in the field of migrant integration 2022-02-15
AHQ on possibility to implement a medical assisted voluntary return scheme to Armenia 2022-01-19
AHQ on Directive 2003/109/EC, duration of absence and loss of the long-term resident status 2022-01-13
AHQ on Article 14 of the Directive 2014/36/EU – 12-month reference period taken into account to determine the maximum period of stay for seasonal workers 2021-12-27
AHQ on transition to adulthood 2021-12-22
AHQ on secondary movements of beneficiaries of international protection 2021-12-22
AHQ on conditions and salary requirements for professional sportsmen from third countries 2021-12-16
AHQ on distinctions between labour exploitation and particularly exploitative labour conditions 2021-12-03
AHQ on EMN Inform on mapping of mental health policies for migrants 2021-11-29
AHQ on requirements of sufficient means of subsistence 2021-11-10
AHQ on best practices of residence permit procedures 2021-11-05
AHQ on procedure for authorizing third-country nationals working in the audiovisual sector 2021-10-25
AHQ on migrants subject to Dublin transfers 2021-10-22
AHQ on follow-up on start-ups 2021-10-11
AHQ on attracting and retaining international researchers 2021-10-10
AHQ on the use of innovative migration policy instruments in EU Member States applying insights from the behavioural sciences 2021-10-08
AHQ on applying the principle of compelling reasons in asylum cases 2021-10-07
AHQ on vaccination against COVID-19 of third–country nationals placed in the detention facilities 2021-10-05
AHQ on regulations to family reunification with persons who have been granted subsidiary protection 2021-09-30