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Ad-hoc Query Summary Date
Policies for circular migration and temporary labour migration schemes 2014-06-09
Effective appeals against entry refusal decisions (borders) 2014-06-09
Revocation of Status for Women from Afghanistan 2014-06-02
Specific Visa and Residence policy to Chinese Nationals 2014-05-20
Practice concerning applicants for international protection from Eritrea 2014-05-20
Returns of rejected asylum seekers to North Darfur and Somalia 2014-05-15
The support/accommodation provided to irregularly staying third country nationals 2014-05-15
Cooperation of TCNs victims of THB to the fight against traffickers and illegal immigration 2014-05-14
Lodging an Application for a Long-Term Residence 2014-05-13
Expulsion of Third-Country Nationals who are Long-Term Residents 2014-05-13
TCN ship crewmembers 2014-05-13
Websites and prevention campaigns of THB 2014-05-09
Requirements for operating a business activity 2014-05-07
Measures implemented / planned by EU Mediterranean Member States to prevent irregular migration by means of boats departing from North-Africa 2014-04-30
Issuing an Entry Ban for a person residing abroad 2014-04-30
Asylum seekers access to labour market 2014-04-25
Mode of issuing the identity documents and residence permits 2014-04-23
Accommodation requirements for short-stay visa 2014-04-18
Collective travel documents 2014-04-18
Number of forced returns to Morocco and Algeria in 2013 2014-04-11