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Ad-hoc Query Summary Date
Visa regime for the family members of recognized refugees in Ireland 2014-08-04
Collecting biometric data when applying for a long-stay visa at the consulate 2014-07-30
Recent migration patterns and channels of inflow of refugee applicants in EU [only for BE, BG, EL, FR, DE, HU, IT, NL, PL, SE, UK] 2014-07-30
Strengthening Readmission and Sustainable Reintegration in Kosovo 2014-07-28
Returns of rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq and Nigeria 2014-07-28
The Dublin procedure in relation to the asylum procedure 2014-07-15
Settlement under the European Convention on Establishment 1955 2014-07-14
Detention in Dublin III cases (Regulation EU No 604/2013) 2014-07-11
Financing language and civics courses of foreign nationals 2014-07-11
EURODAC Fingerprinting 2014-07-10
Recognition of identification documents issued by Somalia nationals 2014-07-03
Voluntary return counselling 2014-07-03
Using video-recordings as the evidence in the asylum procedures 2014-07-02
Searching of COI for asylum procedures 2014-07-02
Expulsion Definition Of Manifestly Unfounded As Related To Directive 2008/115/EC 2014-06-28
Level of cooperation between police and immigration officials 2014-06-26
The level of cooperation between police and immigration officials 2014-06-26
Criminal law and foreign citizens 2014-06-23
Article 36 of the Directive 2013/32/EU 2014-06-23
Proof of nationality regarding third-country nationals who apply for a residence permit 2014-06-18