Ad-hoc užklausos

EMN Ad-hoc užklausų sistema padeda surinkti aktualiausią informaciją iš ES valstybių narių ir Norvegijos migracijos ir prieglobsčio klausimais. Kiekviena šalis narė gali pateikti konkretų paklausimą, į kuri atsako kitos šalys. Šios užklausos ir valstybių narių atsakymai yra saugomi EMN duomenų bazėje, kuri yra prieinama visiems suinteresuotiems asmenims. Dokumentai rūšiuojami pagal konkrečias sritis: ekonominė migracija, ES teisynas, grąžinimas, gyvenimas ir leidimai gyventi ir kt. Duomenų bazėje pateikiami vieši atsakymai į užklausas nuo 2014 m.
Ad-hoc užklausos pavadinimas Šalių atsakymai Data
AHQ on the application of entry bans in decisions of entry refusals 2022-09-01
AHQ on supporting measures for Ukrainians wishing to go back to Ukraine in voluntary basis 2022-08-29
AHQ on verifying the fulfilment of condition of sufficient means of subsistence 2022-08-18
AHQ on national regulations regarding the change of residence permit for students in higher education to residence permits on other grounds from within the country 2022-08-15
AHQ on the condition of language proficiency in order to obtain a multi-annual residence permit or to acquire citizenship 2022-08-09
AHQ on the recognition of diplomas from third countries 2022-08-04
AHQ on enhancing perspectives of displaced populations in non-EU first reception and transit countries 2022-08-02
AHQ on opportunities for families to reunite in certain circumstances and family tracing 2022-03-28
AHQ on registration and documentation 2022-03-28
AHQ on border procedures 2022-03-25
AHQ on automation in citizenship processes 2022-03-22
AHQ on incentives and motives for voluntary departure 2022-03-08
AHQ on Ukrainian minors 2022-03-04
AHQ on the automatism of the renewal of EU long-term residence permit (LRT) 2022-03-03
AHQ on using new technologies in the field of migrant integration 2022-02-15
AHQ on possibility to implement a medical assisted voluntary return scheme to Armenia 2022-01-19
AHQ on Directive 2003/109/EC, duration of absence and loss of the long-term resident status 2022-01-13
AHQ on Article 14 of the Directive 2014/36/EU – 12-month reference period taken into account to determine the maximum period of stay for seasonal workers 2021-12-27
AHQ on transition to adulthood 2021-12-22
AHQ on secondary movements of beneficiaries of international protection 2021-12-22