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Ad-hoc Query Summary Date
Sanctions for holders of an asylum residence permit in case of (proven) identity fraud 2015-02-19
Entry bans entered into the SIS and consultation procedures in Member States 2015-02-13
Return of TCN to other reception countries 2015-02-12
Syrian child brides in the asylum procedure 2015-02-06
Concept of safe country of origin in relation to Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015-02-05
Educational projects for immigrants 2015-01-30
Withdrawing temporary and permanent non-asylum residence permits because of issues of public order in other EU member states 2015-01-29
Access to the labour market for asylum seekers 2015-01-23
Variations in asylum applications figures following changes in asylum seekers’ access to the labour market 2015-01-23
Recovery of costs for overnight stays to airline companies 2015-01-22
Objections of unsuccessful grant applicants 2015-01-20
Detention and removal of minors 2015-01-19
Obtaining a new travel document for irregular thirdcountry national for return procedure 2015-01-16
Transposition of the Article 6, par. 5 of the recast Reception Conditions Directive 2015-01-16
Exemption of fees for Erasmus Mundus and AFS students (only to AT, BE, DE, FI, FR, LU, NL, SE) 2015-01-13
Implementation of AMIF partnership principle 2015-01-08
Asylum seekers integration to labour market 2015-01-08
Managing an increasing asylum influx 2015-01-05
Full and ex nunc examination by the court in accordance with article 46 (1) of the recast Asylum Procedures Directive 2015-01-05
Subsidiary protection 2014-12-19