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Ad-hoc Query Summary Date
Objective criteria to identify risk of absconding in the context of reception directive art 8 (recast) and Dublin regulation no 604/2013 art 28 (2) 2014-10-15
Uniform international protection status 2014-10-14
Violation of rules in reception centres/asylum facilities 2014-10-13
Administrative proceeding preceding voluntary return 2014-10-10
Safe countries of origin and safe third countries 2014-10-10
Penalties for unauthorised border crossings by Third Country nationals 2014-09-29
Social aid for beneficiaries of a “temporary residence permit” 2014-09-26
Revocation of citizenship on the basis of voluntary military service in a foreign country 2014-09-22
Implementation of the Article 19 of the Directive 2011/36/EU on setting up independent role of ”National rapporteur or equivalent mechanism” 2014-09-16
Return of failed asylum seekers from North Korea to South Korea 2014-09-03
Resettlement financing 2014-08-28
Definition of “border traffic” referred to in art. 26 par. 3 of the CISA.pdf 2014-08-27
Revoking Citizenship on Account of Involvement in Acts of Terrorism or Other Serious Crimes 2014-08-26
Facilitation of irregular immigration (migrants smuggling) to the EU: national institutional frameworks, policies and other knowledge-based evidence 2014-08-21
Assessment of resources of third-country national applicants 2014-08-14
Strategic Plan for Migrations 2014-08-05
Visa regime for the family members of recognized refugees in Ireland 2014-08-04
Collecting biometric data when applying for a long-stay visa at the consulate 2014-07-30
Recent migration patterns and channels of inflow of refugee applicants in EU [only for BE, BG, EL, FR, DE, HU, IT, NL, PL, SE, UK] 2014-07-30
Strengthening Readmission and Sustainable Reintegration in Kosovo 2014-07-28